Can ferrets eat pumpkin?

We highly recommend against feeding your ferret raw or cooked pumpkin. While one cup of pumpkin only has about 8 grams of carbohydrates it is still more than a ferret would normally consume in the wild.

Often times people want to express their loves for their pets by sharing a bite of food or giving them a special treat. We do this for the people we love and it is common to thing our pets will appreciate the same type of gestures. However, ferrets have highly specialized digestive systems that are not well suited to the varied diets of humans.

Ferrets are carnivores and process carbohydrates poorly. In fact, they are susceptible to insulinoma which is a problem with their pancreas. Insulinoma greatly diminishes a ferret’s quality of life. Additionally, treating this disease is costly and time consuming for pet owners.

Quality manufactured ferret foods have single digit percentages of carbohydrates in them. A high protein diet is important in ensuring your pet ferret’s longevity and health.

These dietary restrictions are a lot different from pet dogs that can eat and process carbohydrates. They can eat certain fruits and vegetables without a problem.

If you do want to give your ferret a special treat we recommend using food or treats specially formulated for ferrets. Additionally you could consider whole prey from a pet supply store.

For more information about feeding your pet ferret you can check out our article Feeding Your Ferret. There we cover ferret diets in a more comprehensive way.

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