Ferrets and Safety

The first posts of this website are all dedicated to learning about ferrets and things to be aware of before you bring your new pet home for the first time. In the last article we covered some basic things about ferret health.

In this article we are going to talk about the time your ferret spends outside of its cage. The main consideration is making your home a safe space for your ferret. This is important because it can prevent damage to your home and harm to your pet.

Making a house ferret proof is a difficult task. However if you stay organized and have a solid list of things to consider it should not be a problem. Ferrets have fluffy fur that makes them look a lot bigger than they actually are. They can actually get through spaces that are barely more than an inch across. it is important to think about what furniture they can get behind and places they could possibly get stuck.

Ferret Proofing Your Home

One dangerous place for ferrets is the entertainment console in your home. There is often space underneath or behind this cabinet. Additionally there are wires that some ferrets are prone to chewing.  Cats and dogs the sometimes exhibit this behavior as well.

Escape Artists

Another place you may not have thought of is behind your dryer. Some ferret owners have reported there ferrets escaping through their dryer vents. You can actually see some fun videos on YouTube of ferrets running through a clear dryer vent hose. While we are mainly talking about safety in this section of the article it is an interesting thing to think about for a play time activity.

Especially in the first days with your new ferret at home we recommend following them everywhere. This way you can see what things they find that you had not considered a possible safety hazard. For example a reclining chair that rocks can be a very dangerous place for a ferret. There is a lot of space for them to climb up into the rocking mechanism. These metal components perform a scissoring action when using the reclining portion of the chair or when rocking.

Ferrets and Appliances

If you are the type of person that leaves their dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer open you may change your habits once you are a ferret owner. These are all fun spaces for ferrets to climb into. It also makes them feel like they are concealed and protected. Similar behavior can be seen in cats when they jump into boxes.

The last thing we will mention when it comes to the safety of your ferret is temperature.  Ferrets do not do well in very warm weather. If the weather gets above 80 degrees Fahrenheit be sure to monitor your ferrets closely. They may need extra water, fans or even ice packs to help them keep cool.

Next Time…

Next time we cover the fun part, playing with your ferret. The next article we post will talk about the exercise your ferret needs to stay healthy. We cover things to think about and be aware of when playing with your ferret. See you next time!

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